Maximizing hospitality staff retention

Take it Personally rewards and retains hospitality staff with € tips, positive guest feedback and career development

In collaboration with Cycas Hospitality launching at Moxy and Residence INN hotels in April 2023

Say goodbye to high turnover rates
and hello to a happy, motivated team

With € tips directly from guests

By sharing positive feedback from guests

By allowing stellar workers to be easily recognised

By providing workers with tools for career development

Supporting workers, benefiting hotels

Create an additional opportunity for your employees to professionally grow and earn more

88% of staff say that fairness of tipping influences where they work & for how long they stay in a role for

With greater transparency and trust around gratitude and tips

86% of staff say the tips they receive are important to their overall work satisfaction

tiP is the only platform build with a hotel complexity in mind. We provide tipping solution for all types of hotel workers

Happy guests

No app required. tiP opens directly on the guest phone’s browser

Make your guests feel like family with tiP! They’ll know the names of the staff who make their stay amazing, creating a personal connection that’s sure to leave them smiling

Financial security protocols are built in and all major payment methods are accepted 

43% of consumers say that knowing who will receive tips prompt them to leave one

No app required!


is hospitality's choice

No financial or tax risks

Tips are paid directly from guests to the staff, without passing through the hotel’s accounts. Removing considerable financial, tax and PR risks from your hotel

€12.000 – €30.000 saving on staff turnover annually

Potential savings from decreasing employee turnover and hiring expenses can be significant

Say goodbye to complicated integrations!

Stand alone seamless solutions. With tiP, there’s no need to integrate with the hotel’s systems

Fare tips management

tiP platform automatic tip distribution ensures your team are tipped for the hours they work and rooms they cleaned.
No matter if your teams are tipped individually or pooled, our solution covers both

Our Solution

Upgrade your team tipping experience

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