Empower people who keep your community functional, happy and healthy!

Every day you meet professionals, freelancers and volunteers who make your day better. Help them stand out by sharing your appreciation and contribute to their Professional Reputation growth.


Search for Pros in your neighborhood. Find a handyman, hairdresser, nanny, housekeeper, fitness instructor, massage therapist or any other service you are in need of.

What can be better than a recommendation of a friend? TiP brings the word of mouth online through personal recommendations of services shared by your Community members!

Show your appreciation

Show your support and express how grateful you are for what Pros in your Community do by sending a “Thank you!” note. They will receive this token of gratitude and be reminded that their work really matters and makes a difference to you.

Sometimes the professional goes out of his or her way to make sure that you are happy as a client. Let them know that you appreciate it by sending a monetary tip directly. 

Some people can be absolutely amazing in what they do, but are not compensated fairly. You can support them. Each supporter contributes to the Communal Salary for the Pro and helps him or her to continue making a positive impact on your Community.


Be part of a community

Real-life Community is crucial for our well-being! TiP is here to show you that you are not alone and that you belong. Real Community consists of people who positively affect each others’ lives and remember to share appreciation.

It also helps you to build a real bond with that waitress who always asks how your day was. Take a sneaky glance at the TiP app to learn her name and next time greet her with cheerful: “Hey Anouk! And how are you today?”

The TiP app constantly reminds you to look back and reflect on your day and ask yourself a question: Who made my day? Notice these people around you, notice their effort and do not take them for granted. Do you want to be happy? Be grateful!

Acquire New Clients

We think that everyone deserves a chance to be seen as a Pro regardless of what they do: freelancers, professionals or volunteers working at customer facing jobs. TiP is for hairdresser and fitness instructor, nurse and nanny, street musician and shop assistant – all professions that are key to community wellbeing.

You are great in what you do and put all your heart in your job, you deserve to be noticed and appreciated! TiP brings word of mouth online through personal recommendations of services shared by your Community members.

Every great business understands that it is only as good as its’ employees. Become visible and be hired by businesses that care about their people.

Showcase your professional reputation

Take it Personally converts every Thank you received by a Pro into his or her Professional Reputation. TiP is all about positivity – there is no way to leave any negative feedback, the system is based on Appreciation.

Your Reputation on Take it Personally platform is one of the pillars of your Personal Brand. We make sure that your Reputation is authentic, verified and up-to-date.

We collect positive feedback for Pros and not for businesses. The reputation belongs to Pros. We want to motivate businesses to take very good care of their employees. Businesses are only as good as their employees!

Make an impact

One thing is to know that your work makes a difference. It is another to know who benefits from that work. Let your clients empower you by their appreciation!

You are a Pro, but you are also a client of other Pros in your Community. Use Take it Personally to show them that you appreciate what they do and empower them too!

The Team


Head of Operations


Head of Finances


Head of Technology




Android Developer


Backend Developer


Android Developer


Senior Product Marketing Manager

Take it Personally is an international team of travellers and thinkers. We lived and worked in Russia, Belarus, the Netherlands, the US, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Spain, China, Indonesia, Australia and Japan as well as travelled globally.

We are always curious and eager to learn about other cultures and traditions and are thrilled by the idea of creating a healthy and healing society that unites people of all cultures and economic backgrounds.

Take it Personally is a team of true believers in kindness being the positive change our world needs for the prosperous future!


Asli Kutlucan

Senior Partner – Cycas Hospitality

“An exciting initiative to transform how people communicate with each other and show appreciation as well as gratitude in the digital age. Will revolutionize the service industry and hospitality. Looking forward to using the app.”

Nancy Barrett

Director of Sales & Marketing – Smith & Wollensky Restaurant Group

“In the world that is focused on revenues, TiP makes difference bringing attention to the actual people standing behind the dry numbers.”

Kerem Guncag-Ozbas

Business Development Manager Europe – Paintbox Group Ltd.

“Great idea of how to empower and reward hard-working professionals in any sector. It has all the components to fire a social revolution of kindness globally.”

Larissa Katayeva

Coach Personal & Team Development, Co-Creative Entrepreneurship​

“Impressive concept with a lot of potential to become global. Application of this technology in Education sector is also very promising.”


PP Arnold

American signer, London’s First Lady of Soul

“I started my career with Tina Turner back in 60s and went through all changes in music industry for last 50 years. It is very difficult to be an independant artist in the world controlled by streaming corporations and big labels. I believe this app will be perfect for artists who want to keep authentic connection with their audience, receive feedback and love, and stay independent!”

Yeliz Ruzgar

Life Coach, Mentor, Consultant – powercoaching.us

“There is only human-doing business: to serve humanity. As all the service is getting digital in this era it is time to remember that we are human-beings and share our soul’s mission: love and gratitude.”

Aleksey Belinskiy

Director of European Projects – Steelman Partners Architecture & Planning

“One of the best ideas I have heard recently! It can change the world we live in and make it better! It cuts through BS to reward those who deserve appreciation in a shortest way possible.”

Olga Kochak

Personal Trainer – HealthCity Amsterdam

“This app will change my life as a Service Professional! Finally there will be a way to collect authentic and useful feedback from my clients.”

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