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Take it Personally provides the fastest way to find skilled people recommended by your local community.

Find a fitness trainer that will help you stay in shape, a hairdresser for your new trendy look, a volunteer to support your cause. All client-facing professionals are here.

No need to spend time googling and reading lengthy reviews from strangers. Your neighbours and friends already know who is the best in the area! Explore community recommendations.

If you are a skilled person or a professional yourself – become a local favorite! Make the word-of-mouth work for you.

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Search for Pros in your neighbourhood. Find a handyman, hairdresser, nanny, housekeeper, fitness instructor, massage therapist or any other service you are in need of.

What can be better than the recommendation of a friend? TiP brings word of mouth online through personal recommendations of services shared by your community members!

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Hire Your Local Pro

Browse special talents and skills people have and hire them. 

See how loved the Pro is by the local Community.

You will be able to see the Pro’s availability on the Take it Personally app and hire them at a certain date and time slot. 

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Meet in Real Life


Browse through your timeline and see the skilled people you have met through your day.

Reflect on your day. Recognize people who made you smile.

Recognise Positive Interactions

After a service exchange you can give your Pro a shoutout by sending them a public Thank You note. This helps them stand out and gain more visibility. 

Happy with the service provided? Awesome! Leave a tip and make someone’s day.

Coming soon.

Sometimes you want to support someone on a regular basis for what they do for you or the community. You can do with our Community Salary feature.

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Become a Pro

Pro accounts in Take it Personally have an automatically created web resume with increased visibility.

You can showcase your specific skill set, experience, education and most importantly the appreciation and recommendations from your satisfied clients.

The tiP app is for dog walkers, fitness instructors, nurses, nannies, photographers, street musicians, shop assistants – all specialists or volunteers who offer offline services.

You can earn additional salary by receiving tips and subscription payments from your grateful clients.

It’s one thing to know your work makes a difference. It’s another to know who benefits from that work.

Seeing the person who is grateful for your work is the best motivation! 

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Sign up for Early Access and enjoy all of the benefits we’ve created for our first-time users!