During the past year, the pandemic presented challenges that involve mental health issues, a fragile economy, and a lack of closeness. Our mission was to adjust the app to the socio-economic state countries were found in without hoping that we would return to the good old normal life before the pandemic. Because, let’s face it – if the world were to magically reverse back to the way it was over a year ago, we would come to understand that our behavioural patterns had already adjusted. 2020 has changed us.

At tiP, we wanted to be able to react quickly and be the support our community needs. Here are some ways that our app is constructive in giving you a sense of the “old life”.


You still get to meet new people and connect

As we all know, meeting new people has become problematic and for the time being, we are advised to keep our distance to prevent the virus from spreading. By using tiP, you get to connect with a service provider with whom you already have mutual points of interest. Our app is designed to present the closest person offering a unique service you’re in need of. Therefore, when you meet you might find out that you’ve seen this person before and you can go over all the hot topics floating around your community. The next time you see them on the market you just might decide to make it a habit of hanging out. This is a great way to connect with one person at a time in a safe environment.


With tiP, life goes on

Despite the fact that many countries have been experiencing lockdown for a full year by now, pausing life isn’t beneficial to anyone. In our app, you can find private lessons of all sorts – guitar making, dancing, tarot reading, and many others that might have not crossed your mind yet. These lessons are individual and can be executed within a safe distance between both parties.

Contactless payments

By autumn of this year, we’ll be rolling out digital payments for our service providers which means you can continue taking your tarot reading lessons without having to search for your wallet. Heck, you can even tip the street performer singing in front of the fruit stand without having any contact at all.


Mental health

In December 2020, 42% of adults reported symptoms of anxiety and depression in the United States. According to The Nielsen Company, online sales of alcohol increased by 262% from 2019.

These numbers are a firm indicator that mental health practice is currently imperative. The points we’ve listed previously will all have a positive impact on an individual’s mental health without threatening the physical one. If you’d like to know more about how tiP can help you practice mindfulness feel free to browse through our previous blog posts.