4 Reasons Why We Featured The Thank You Button in tiP

We created a set of values for Take it Personally that we live by each day. The app is about connecting with others, sharing your skills and deepening relationships. Our platform is created to, at the end of the day, make you put down your phone and enjoy the present moment. Not only by design but by its features.

Take it Personally puts emphasis on kind interactions and gratitude. After a Pro has accomplished the task, you as the services seeker have an option to press the big orange “Thank You” button and make their profile more visible.

But have you ever thought about how acknowledging others has an effect on you? Here are the 4 reasons to fall in love with our big orange button:

 1. Gratitude has positive effects on mental health

A research done at the University of California proved that after writing letters of gratitude for 10 weeks, the participants have noticed a significant increase in optimism and felt better about their lives in general. They also reported that they exercised more and had fewer visits to doctors, noticing the lack of their usual physical pain. Seems like it (literally) doesn’t hurt to say thank you.

 2. Being grateful deepens the relationships

It’s a no brainer that being grateful for your loved ones makes them feel special and naturally drawn to you. But should we intentionally approach new relationships with recognition or wait until we see if the other person carries out this attitude? According to Jorge Bucay, an Argentinian psychotherapist and writer, the healthiest way to treat new acquaintances is to conduct 100% trust unless we’re proven differently. This helps us create positive relationships and more social interactions which are a proven path to happiness.

We wanted to make these steps easy in tiP. When you open the app, your Homepage will display all the people that you have met in the last few days. From there you’ll have an option to click on the person who made your day and send “Thank You!” for doing so.

3. Anti-age effect

If your skincare routine isn’t sufficient enough, maybe try giving out a couple more Thank you’s! Another research about gratitude at the University of California by Emmons and McCullough concluded that this practice puts the breaks on the stress hormone Cortisol leading to lowering blood sugar, more energy, and boosting the immune system. Your body receives all these positive internal changes and it is reflected in the external appearance as well. #SpiritualBeautyHacks101


4. It’s fun!

Have you ever surprised someone with a gesture of gratitude? Do you still remember the look on their face and how it made you feel? Spreading kindness boosts our serotonin which makes us feel good about ourselves leaving others with pleasant memories. The formula behind it would look something like this: 1 act of kindness = a bright smile for the next couple of hours. But don’t just take my word for it.

Why don’t you express gratitude for someone today and find out for yourself

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