Increase hotel staff pay via tipping

Want to boost employee pay and show appreciation for hardworking hotel staff? Check out @tiPapp, a digital platform that allows guests to easily send tips directly to housekeepers. Studies show it can increase worker earnings by up to €4 per hour!

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How to Earn an Income by Doing Your Favorite Hobby

A typical 9 to 5 job may put food on the table, but sometimes does nothing to feed the soul. Earning money by actively pursuing your hobby allows you to invest your time into something you love, and with tiP, you might be able to turn it into a side job.

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How To Tip Somebody Who Made Your Day?

Our professional lives are going through a transformation in which the majority of transactions should be contactless. This is why Take it Personally has created a feature in which you can tip or give a communal salary to service providers.

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Do mobile phones dumb us down?

While trying to “stay connected” to the world we in fact distance ourselves from the present moment and the people nearby. But are there more serious effects to this behaviour?

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