How to Earn an Income by Doing Your Favorite Hobby

A typical 9 to 5 job may put food on the table, but sometimes does nothing to feed the soul. In our modern world, people are using their learned skills to make extra money and completely evolve their income source. Earning money by actively pursuing your hobby allows you to invest your time into something you love, and with tiP, you might be able to turn it into a side job.

There’s a whole new world wanting to support local service providers and put a face to the services they need. With tiP, you can easily transform your favourite hobby or skill into a fun source of income.

Find a Fun Hobby

The first step in earning an income while doing something you love is finding a marketable hobby. If you’ve begun delving into DIY projects, that’s a great starting point. Your skills, personal qualities and talents create a uniqueness that other companies might lack. tiP allows you to inspire creativity, and this distinguishes the service you may want to offer. If you’re unsure if your hobby has the potential for profit, try finding a need in the community that fits your passion. With Take it Personally, your community can provide direct feedback while enjoying your new service.

What’s Your Talent?

Many hobbies that you wouldn’t expect have the potential to become a marketable business. These hobbies can vary from pet sitting to hairstyling and even event planning. If you like working with your hands, there is always a demand for carpenters, furniture assembly, gardening, or other services. Try showing off some of your home projects that will position your skill level. It’s also important to remember, there’s no better way to market yourself than word of mouth. Word of mouth is something that tiP takes very seriously. Through our app, the local community can directly show their appreciation and recommend the services that they love most.

Do you have a special recipe that’s a favorite of friends or family? Tasty food and pastries will always have a strong fan following. That one recipe could help your neighbour win a date or create the perfect family dinner. You might want to start with cooking lessons for different occasions that your neighbours and their bellies will thank you for. The possibilities are endless with this homecooked hobby!

Change in Your Community

For those hoping to inspire change, Take it Personally has created a platform to support and motivate positivity in the world. This app has developed software to instantly provide a quick “thank you” for the positive impact made in the community. Connecting to local creators in the area through tiP allows a personal connection that wouldn’t otherwise be possible.

Today is a great day to begin turning a project that brings you joy into something that will both benefit you and your community. People who take part in the early adoption of tiP will enjoy a wide range of benefits, including free promotion and credits in the app’s upcoming premium features. Using tiP will boost your business from the beginning by providing a domain for your website landing page along with a guide for positively influencing your community. For early access to our groundbreaking app, grab a shovel, and sign up today!

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