How To Tip Somebody Who Made Your Day?

During the current global pandemic, we are advised not to make further human connections. However, human psychology strives for social contact and our happiness is proved to increase while deepening connections with others. Even though keeping distance is the responsible thing to do, it also implies that, after being cut off for longer than a year, we are faced with the challenge of maintaining our social life.

Depending on which country you reside in at the moment, your active life is conditioned by the epidemiological situation. Whether your country is in lockdown or not, the safest option is still to assure that contact is minimal. Because of this, our professional lives are also going through a serious transformation in which the majority of the transactions are now advised to be contactless. For some industries such as tech, marketing and large corporations this hasn’t made that much of a difference and they can readily adapt their business model. For others, such as artists, entertainers, solopreneurs, local service providers, the new normal has been rather challenging. This is why Take it Personally has created a feature in which you can tip others or even give them a communal salary based on the frequency of the services provided.

Tip the person who made your day

Let’s say you live in an area where the theatre is still open but restricted to a limited number of people. You see a wonderful play and a certain talented performer has caught your attention and brightened your experience. Since there is a big chance that you are not close acquaintances, tipping in person would be discomforting, right? it is also as not common for such a profession. But you can do it in the tiP app. Find the profile of this person, press the “Pay” or “Tip” button and you’re done!

Community Salary

Take it Personally features another tool called “Community Salary”. This is a form of a subscription you choose to support someone who deserves it on a regular basis. For example, do you know a great community gardener, insightful postman or a very helpful nurse in the emergency room? Someone who is doing their best in serving others yet you might feel is not rewarded enough. 

Simply go to the Timeline screen in tiP app, find this person there and press the “Community Salary” button. You will be able to choose how much you would like to transfer to this person on a regular basis. Will it be 2 or 10 euros every month? It is all up to you but every little bit helps.

This is a great way to honour the faces you regularly see. Those who make your neighbourhood the wonderful place it is. They say that a home isn’t a place, it’s a person. We say that a community is all the people who live there, who make it what it is.

Keep your community fueled, happy and vibrant with tiP app.

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