Scrolling through the beta version of our app, I was excited to write about the cool and lovable features our users will benefit from. Some of them will even help grow your savings account while doing something you enjoy. Talking about a perfect match, right?

Get new clients for offering services you love!

Do you have a hobby or career you are great at? Are you a nurse who is loved by patients or a dog walker in your free time? If you’d like to do more of what you’re skilled at, all you have to do is create a profile on Take it Personally and explain what you’re offering. After your profile is live the system will create a professional landing page for you as a service provider by which you are gaining a chance to showcase your latest experience and achievements. Ready, set, go!

Earn tips or even a community salary

After you provided a respected service, your client can send you “Thank you” notes, your profile can win awards or you can get an extra tip! All this positive feedback will increase your visibility and make you stand out as a validated professional. Another feature that we love and is yet to come is the Community Salary. If your service is one that is often used and appreciated by various clients there is a possibility of earning a fixed monthly salary for your contribution!

The early bird gets the worm

Well, we offer a metaphoric worm in this case. The tiP team figured we’d like to support users on their freelance journey so we’ve prepared some advantages for our first adopters:

1. Free Promotion

We promote the first adopter’s profile on our social media platforms as well as on other marketplaces to help you kick-off your career.

2. Pro web-page

Once you’ve set up your profile as a service provider, you will automatically be set up with a landing page for your business with a username and a domain.

3. Free Credits

First adopters get €500 worth of credits to use in the upcoming Premium features, including advanced booking system, loyalty program, dynamic pricing, customer satisfaction analytics and engagement tools (estimated launch of first Premium features is September 2021).

4. Influencer Guide

Our platform is built on positivity and trust. We help to bring attention to positive interactions with other people in your daily life. When you recognise these people and send “Thank you” to them, it contributes to their reputation. With your recommendations list growing you become a local “real-life influencer”. For the first adopters, we provide the “Take it Personally Influencer Strategy Guide”. We will share tips with you for using tiP app to become the next generation of influencers in your local community!

How to Join the Early Access Program

To participate in the Take it Personally Early Access Program you must do the following steps:

  1. Sign up for the early access before February 2021.
  2. The tiP app BETA version will be sent to you personally – estimated time February 2021.

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