Our Journey Towards Releasing tiP Despite a Global Pandemic

The year of 2020 has landed itself in the history books, no doubt. A year of unprecedented challenges and surprises, which naturally led many people, companies and nations to equally unprecedented accomplishments.

For Take it Personally this year was no exception. We started the year ready to face all the challenges of a young startup which, even without a pandemic at rise, are quite enough. The extra complications we were faced with such as finding financing, onboarding new team members remotely, working from home 100% of the time, having a  remote team spread in different time zones were unexpected. But we decided to accept and take on these new challenges.

In January 2020 we started with only the founders and the Tech Lead on board, counting a team of 4 members. Today we are a team of 12 amazing, passionate professionals united by the idea we all wholeheartedly believe in – to connect the communities in real life, to help people remember the importance of personal touch and kindness.

With the skills of our team we have managed to crystalize our vision and shape the tiP app, implementing new features we carved and created. In December 2020 we arrived at the point when we can confidently say that we hit our milestone – built a functional application ready for use. If you were to download tiP today you would be able to create a Pro profile, become visible in the search, be found and contacted by clients, receive “Thank you” notes from happy customers, and demonstrate your level of skill.

To meet our goal despite COVID-19, we were supposed to remake our original plan, adjust the features we were focusing on and achieve the impossible within a very limited budget. But we decided to keep going.

At the moment, the Take it Personally app is in the active Beta-testing phase. We are adding final strokes and perfecting details based on our tester’s feedback.

Our opening goal for 2021 is set for February when we will officially release the tiP app to the general public via App Store and Google Play. Following by adding important features such as the payment system, booking system, the online resume and more interesting details that we will share in the near future.

Thanks to an amazing team effort we have overcome all the curveballs that 2020 has thrown at us and are ready to dive into 2021, which is already promising us growth and exciting new challenges.

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