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How we help hospitality workers to receive more tips

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Take it Personally platform is free for businesses. No setup fees or contracts! We even design custom cards and stickers, all for free.

While we strive to keep this service free for workers, there are unavoidable transaction costs.

We charge a small fee of about 4% per transaction (depending on the payment method). But in most cases, customers pay this fee, making it nearly free for those receiving tips.

We offer customer to cover transaction fee, to ensure that 100% of tip goes to the worker. 

Most customers choose this option to make tipping more meaningful and efficient.

Sending or receiving cashless tips with Take is Personally is completely secure.
Payments and personal information are handled by Stripe – the world’s leading payment processing company.

You can pay tips via Apple Pay, Google Pay, MasterCard, VISA, American Express, iDeal, Giropay, EPS, Bancontact and more.

Take it Personally sends out tips to workers monthly. Workers have the Express Payout option if they need to get paid sooner.

Take it Personally focuses on tip collection. Tips are paid directly from customers to the workers, without passing through the business’s accounts. This removes considerable financial risks from your business. Depending on your country our platform provides the workers with various reports and guidance regarding tax reporting.

No app is required for customers to send a tip! They can just scan a QR code with their phone’s camera and proceed to webpage.

But for workers, the app is essential. They can download it from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Sign up with Take it Personally today! It’s easy and fast.
Once you do, our team will contact you to make sure our platform fits your needs.

Book a Demo to learn more.

After you sign up, our team will reach out to you within a day to help set things up for your business. We don’t need any integration to other systems, so we can roll out in your business within few days.

Need help? Let’s chat!

Just click on the “Support” at the bottom right of the page. We’re here to assist you.

We make sure all workers are comfortable using Take it Personally platform. Every time we onboard new business we make sure that all team’s languages are covered. We can easily add new languages.

Currently tiP app is available on:

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