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tiP app enables everyone who offers their talent — whether a professional or volunteer — to gain visibility, trust and financial security within their local community.

Be chosen, recommended and supported by your neighbours.
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All our users have the skill to offer, whether they do it professionally, voluntarily or out of personal interest.

Our search algorithm shows the most recommended pros within a local area, making word-of-mouth visible for all.

Our pros know their work makes a difference by seeing the grateful people who benefit from that work.


A universal feature instead of free-text reviews makes it easy to recommend a pro and protects them from negativity.

Our user recommendations become verified after they have met their chosen pros in real life. No fakes.

Users can ask their community for a recommendation of the pro others have already had a positive experience with.

Financial Security

When pros earn their reputation, it stays with them – even if switching companies or locations – as a live web résumé.

With a built-in payment system, pros can earn an additional salary by receiving tips from grateful clients.

A monthly subscription pays a salary for pros, offering them the financial security, similar to the idea of employee benefits.

Different Type of Career

As you work face-to-face with your clients, you have a different type of career. It is based not on the companies and positions, but on your customers satisfaction.

When you join tiP app we automatically create a web résumé specifically for your unique skills. 

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