Elevate your tipping game and earn more

tiP is the ultimate tool for maximizing your tips earnings as a hotel worker!

Contactless and cashless tipping solution

Amazing you, amazing rewards -


it's guaranteed!​

Tip is the ultimate Thank you!

With contactless tipping you can receive tips even when you are not in the room

Discover which service earned you rewards from satisfied guests

Our easy-to-use system makes it a breeze for hotel guests to tip you

tiP ensures that the person who provided the service receives their rightful tips

Guests are 5x more likely to tip with cashless tipping option!
5-fold increase in tipping frequency can increase hourly earnings up to 35%

Unlock your professional potential

Get a new perspective on your work and see the impact of your efforts

No need to be an influencer – your personal brand matters too! With tiP app, all gratitude received contributes to your professional profile, which you can use to promote yourself and your skills

Your good reputation speaks for itself.  With tiP app it stays with you as your web resume

Upgrade your tipping experience

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