Business Development

Anastasia uses her top-level 18-year experience of controlling the world’s largest chemical, logistics and data centres projects as a certified Project Management professional to set and execute a business strategy for tiP. Anastasia enables effective collaboration among all stakeholders.


Finance & Operations

With a 6-year career in corporate finance – as a finance manager growing a new restaurant chain across the US – and 3 years in finance consulting for SMEs, startups and individuals, Olga is responsible for all things finance at tiP, including accounting, forecasting, budgeting, and investment readiness.


Software & Product Design

With two MSc degrees – in Computer Science and User Interface Design – and 20+ years of experience in software development across corporate, startup and freelance projects, Konstantin leads data management, product design, and feature roll-out processes to satisfy the most pressing community needs.

Having moved abroad and travelled the world Anastasia, Konstantin and Olga have become friends who value freedom, trust, kindness and open-mindedness. Culturally curious, they enjoy learning about different people in different places. Wherever they go, being a part of a local community – and acknowledging those who keep it alive every day – has always made them feel at home. Once inspired by the idea to create an app where you could start a conversation with a local ‘guru’, they have transformed it into what tiP is today. An ambitious business that balances profit with purpose, empowering the backbone of every local community to make a living out of their talent.

Developers and Marketing Team




Backend Developer


Android Developer


iOS Developer


Android Developer


iOS Developer


QA/QC Tester


and Growth


Asli Kutlucan

Chief Development Officer @ Cycas Hospitality hotel management company. Providing horeca/service industry expert support and advising on the effective business development & fundraising strategies.

Alina Veselaya

Co-founder @ Herd business and brand strategy consultancy. Helping us to cristallise and build brand fundamentals while providing innovative and fresh perspective on market, product and experience conventions.

Elizaveta Proselkova

Founder & CEO @ EP Advisory a leading online career consulting company. Providing an expert advice on tiP’s key users demographic (client-facing pros) and an insight into overall Recruitment Market.

Tom van Geest

Founder & Urban Planner @ Studio Geest collaborative urban transformation. Tom provides advice and involves tiP in collaborations on his studio innovative experiments at the intersection of culture, urban co-creation and big data in urban communities of Rotterdam, Europe and Africa.

Jos Meyer

Associate @ Benvalor Law Firm. Providing us with the proactive advice that goes beyond getting the law right. A solid legal partner delivering strategic business perspectives.

Eline Wilbers-Stassen

Operational Director @ Morres & Company Marketing Bureau. A potential tiP marketing partner. Providing advice and support for future steps on customer engagement, employee engagement and remaining distinctive in a competitive market.


PP Arnold

London’s First Lady of Soul

“I started my career back in 60s as Ikettes with Ike & Tina Turner. In the world controlled by streaming corporations and big labels I chose to be an independent artist and went through all changes in music industry for last 50 years. I believe tiP app will be perfect for artists who want to keep authentic connection with their audience, receive feedback and love, and stay independent!”

Yeliz Ruzgar

Life Coach, Mentor, Consultant –

“There is only human-doing business: to serve humanity. As all the service is getting digital in this era it is time to remember that we are human-beings and share our soul’s mission: love and gratitude.”

Kris Sidberry

Actress known for movies Detroit, Castle Rock and Web of Lies

“In the world that is focused on revenues, TiP makes difference bringing attention to the actual people standing behind the dry numbers.”

Olga Kochak

Personal Trainer – Saints & Stars Amsterdam

“This app will change my life as a Service Professional! Finally there will be a way to collect authentic and useful feedback from my clients.”

Aleksey Belinskiy

Director of European Projects – Steelman Partners Architecture & Planning

“One of the best ideas I have heard recently! It can change the world we live in and make it better! It cuts through BS to reward those who deserve appreciation in a shortest way possible.”

Larissa Katayeva

Coach Personal & Team Development, Co-Creative Entrepreneurship​

“Impressive concept with a lot of potential to become global. Application of this technology in Education sector is also very promising.”

Nancy Barrett

Director of Sales & Marketing – Smith & Wollensky Restaurant Group

“An exciting initiative to transform how people communicate with each other and show appreciation as well as gratitude in the digital age. Will revolutionize the service industry and hospitality. Looking forward to using the app.”

Kerem Guncag-Ozbas

Business Development Manager Europe – Paintbox Group Ltd.

“Great idea of how to empower and reward hard-working professionals in any sector. It has all the components to fire a social revolution of kindness globally.”

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